Eco festival

AF&C communications

AF&C pays special attention to the environment in the production and distribution of its communication media:

  • Programmes printed on 100% recycled paper since 2006
  • All AF&C communications documents printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable-based inks since 2015
  • AF&C communications documents (programme, maps, promotional material, etc.) distributed by delivery tricycles in the town centre
  • Creation of an eco festival page on the festival website
Exemplary OFF Village

The OFF Village is exemplary, designed to be progressive but nevertheless effective. A certain number of more or less visible measures are involved, but all are invaluable in terms of environmental efficiency:

  • General public information
  • Café-restaurant with bio-oriented local suppliers
  • Atomisers replacing air-conditioning
  • Selective waste sorting (rubbish, containers)
  • Meeting based on the eco-festival concept
Visual ecology : poster display

In order to reduce the ecological and financial cost of poster campaigns for companies, AF&C has implemented a pooling service for printing posters for shows (on 100 % recycled paper with vegetable-based inks, limited format (A2) with environmentally-friendly systems for attachment)..

In 2017, the first year of operation, more than half the companies are interested (approximately 700 shows)..

Our partner the Caisse d’Épargne Provence-Alpes-Corse supports and encourages this project.

Avignon Festival & Compagnies has chosen a phased approach to substituting the current poster displays, in response to the following issues identified by many companies: ecological waste, inequity between companies, significant financial cost and endangering personal safety.

From this year on, AF&C is advocating restrictions to poster formats as well as favouring biodegradable materials for the posters (card and/or paper), and for hanging them (biodegradable string – cellulose/industrial hemp). For safety reasons, placing posters more than 3 metres from the ground will also be prohibited.

Artictic interventions

Several types of artistic interventions will take place this year building on activities that took place in 2016 in Place Pie and Avignon town centre.

Further information on our website in July
Eco festival meeting in OFF Village

There will be a focus on the eco festival concept in the OFF Village at 5pm on 9th July to enable various OFF participants, audiences and members of the AF&C board of directors to discuss the issues and progress regarding this approach.

Producers’ market

A market for producers and local artisans will take place in the OFF Village on Wednesdays and Sundays from 5pm to 7pm from 7th to 27th July.


Aimed at making travel easier for everyone during the festival, AF&C has chosen to develop new partnerships: TCRA, TransVaucluse, Lignes Expresses Régionales, Sud-Est mobilité, Cartreize, Edgard et Covoiture-Art.

Practical measures have also been implemented: encouraging non-motorised transport by increasing the number of bicycle stands in the town centre (in partnership with Avignon City Council), additional shuttles during the festival (in partnership with the TCRA), the hire or purchase of bicycles offered to theatres, companies, hotels, etc. (in partnership with bicycle hire companies in Avignon).

AF&C, fully aware that transport and parking are an issue for the public, has also introduced partnerships with Auchan Nord and Cap Sud shopping centres to enable its audiences to benefit from additional parking spaces.

Waste sorting

In 2017, sections of Grand Avignon and Avignon City Council will increase rubbish collection points from the town centre (additional bins, double bins installed by Gestes Propres in very busy areas, etc.).

Sorting bags and bags for glass will also be distributed by AF&C within theatres during the festival.

In order to raise awareness among the general public regarding the issues faced by eco festivals and to ease the identification of rubbish collection sites, various projects have been organised with Grand Avignon:

  • Public awareness initiative regarding sorting waste by a company of clowns
  • • Implementation of eco festival signs on bins
  • Implementation of 80 waste sorting areas
  • • Collection of sorting bins, by bicycle, in partnership with Pop Messengers bike couriers

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