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Les éditions du OFF

  • Les Bienfaisants by Raphaël Thet
    Theatre award winner 2016 
  • Cuisine diplomatique by Berty Cadilhac
    Comedy award winner 2016
  • Kiboutou petit pêcheur by Jason Ciarapica
    Tale award winner 2016 
  • La Femme oiseau by Alain Batis
    Theatre award winner 2016
  • Une diva à Sarcelles by Virginie Lemoine
    Musical award winner 2015
  • Pardon Catherine ! by Arnaud Allain 
    Comedy award winner 2015 
  • Le Protégé De Robespierre by Valérie Durin
    Historic play award winner 2015 
  • Je n’avais jamais vu la mer by Pierre-Philippe Devaux
    Sole performer award winner 2015
  • Aglaé by Sabine Revillet and Julien Rocha
    Youth award winner 2015
  • À la table de l’éternité by Mohamed Kacimi
    Drama award winner 2014
  • Odysseus Plastock by Guillaume Édé et Agnès Sighicelli
    Youth award winner 2014
  • N’être pas né by Yves Cusset
    Sole performer award winner 2014
  • Tchaïkovsky, mon fol amour… by Pierrette Dupoyet 
    Sole performer award winner 2014
  • Zaïdè mon grand-père et moi by Félix Pruvost
    Contemporary tale award winner 2014
  • Un amour de train by David Frizman
    Comedy award winner 2013
  • Jeanne et Marguerite by Valérie Peronnet 
    Lauréat pièce historiqueHistorical play award winner
  • Cellule Grise by Yannick Nédélec
    Dramatic comedy award winner 2013
  • Les élans ne sont pas toujours des animaux faciles by Frédéric Rose et Vincent Jaspard
    Musical award winner 2013

To support and promote contemporary creation, AF&C has created the collection “Les éditions du OFF” in partnership with the Librairie Théâtrale and the SACD.
Contemporary authors who enrich the Festival OFF d’Avignon are showcased. Each year plays performed in the OFF festival are published for the first time.

“Les éditions du OFF” are available at Librairie Théâtrale and will be sold at OFF welcome points in June and July, as well as in our online shop from September 2017.

 ‘Les éditions du OFF’ can also be found, from 6th to 26th July 2017 from 11am to 8pm, at the Festival bookshop! 
Located in the heart of the Maison Jean Vilar – BnF (8, rue de Mons in Avignon), the festival bookshop offers everyone a chance to discover or rediscover the material of authors performed at the Festival d’Avignon and the OFF Festival. Opportunities to meet the authors will also be organised by the publishers. The schedule of meetings will be in the spectator’s guide and the meetings agenda on and the Avignon OFF app.
The festival bookshop is a joint project between the Festival d’Avignon, La Chartreuse and the Festival OFF d’Avignon.

In line with the strategy to promote the festival’s contemporary creation, a day dedicated to authors is organised at the OFF Village on Sunday 16th July, in partnership with the SACD and Artcena.

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