Young audiences

AF&C team is happy to welcome the winners of our family game contest.

Make way for the young!

This year there are 174 shows for young people at the Festival OFF d'Avignon.
To help families attending the festival to prepare their visit, the OFF programme has an index to rapidly identify shows for young people.
Other activities for young people will be available throughout July. On this page, you will find details about events organised at the OFF village. 

Enjoy the show with your family!

Family game contest

For first time in 2017, AF&C organised a family game contest to make discover the festival to a 4 people family.

Advice for parents:
  • Please respect the age restrictions of each performance.
  • If they are too young or old, they run the risk of not enjoying the performance. The artists determine the age bracket thanks to their experience of the performance. 
  • Read the blurb in the OFF programme with your child to prepare well for the show.
  • Also think about explaining where they are going and what a theatre is so that they are not nervous about where they are going.
  • Consider arriving at the venue early. This ‘breathing space’ will be helpful to you, as well as to your child.
  • Leave your child free to react during the show, as long as they do not disturb their neighbours.

Thanks to Cyrille Planson.

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