AF&C support fund

Today when we talk about the Festival OFF d’Avignon, it involves a performing arts show in all its forms but also a unique place for contemporary creation. 

Each year, over 1,000 production structures present over 1,400 shows per day throughout the month of July. Out of the 1,416 shows presented in 2016, 1,034 are original creations (shows performed for the first time at the Festival OFF d’Avignon).

Performed by artists and teams who are sometimes in instable situations, these creations, although some are supported by regional authorities and collective management organisations, have trouble sourcing the funding in full in order to take part in the Festival OFF d’Avignon. 

Aware of the growing insecurity faced by a large number of artists and the fact that equality is solely built around the application of common rules (respect of collective agreements, copyright, payment of taxes, etc.), the AF&C board of directors has decided to create a professionalisation support fund for the operation of shows at the Festival OFF d’Avignon.

Based on an interprofessional system of solidarity to support artists, this fund is a continuation of the group project and forms an additional step in the professionalization approach to the festival, backing companies and more broadly supporting the performing arts sector.

Amount of funding:

The funding granted per winning project of the AF&C support fund will be €1,000 per artist (capped at €4,000 per project).


The committee will comprise financial organisations and be directed by the Vice-Chairman of the Collège des Compagnies and the treasurer of the AF&C association.


Application deadline: 15th May 2017
Commission: mid-June 2017


Professional organisations: €142,000
Professional accreditation card sales (€25 per card): €70,000
Association contingency fund: €30,000 
ticket’OFF online ticketing management fees (€0.95 per ticket sold): €30,000
The profession as a whole will support companies participating in the Festival OFF: accredited professionals (institutions, programmers, broadcasters), collective management organisations (SACD, SACEM, SPEDIDAM, etc.) and collection and distribution of taxes organisations (CNV, etc.) by contributing to sustaining this support fund, just like the public (through the online ticketing systme ticket’OFF).

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