OFF Village

84 000 AVIGNON

7 - 30 JUly
From 10 a.M.

The real hub of the Festival OFF d'Avignon, the OFF Village, is open from 7th to 30th July from 10am to 2pm.

At this information and welcome point for the public and professionals, incorporating a place to eat and a concert stage, you can find all the information you need, as well as relax. Since last year, a stretch tent has been put up in the OFF Village courtyard during the festival. The open and dual layout divides the space into an "agora", giving the floor to those participating in the OFF festival, and a space for concerts, from 11pm, to enable all the Festival OFF d'Avignon players (public, companies, theatres, professionals, press, etc.) to gather together to mingle and chat. 
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  • Printed programmes
  • OFF maps
  • Online programme consultation
  • Public season ticket sales
  • Ticket'OFF performance ticket sales
  • Souvenir shops
  • Festival OFF press review
  • Festival OFF online press review
  • Festival OFF TV (official OFF web TV)
Social spaces
  • Debates, gatherings and workshops
  • Concerts from 11pm
  • Festival OFF d'Avignon closing ball on 29th July 2017
  • OFF bar
  • OFF restaurant
Professional spaces
  • Press accreditation collection (programmers, institutions, broadcasters, etc.)
  • Press accreditation
  • Professional meetings, debates and workshops
  • Meeting space for professionals 
  • Work space

Avignon Festival & Compagnies
Siège social : 24, bd Saint-Michel - 84000 Avignon
Standard : +33 (0)4 90 85 13 08

SIRET : 489 918 458 00030
APE : 9499 Z
TVA intracommunautaire : FR 374 899 184 58
Licences d'entrepreneur de spectacles vivants : 1-1094141 / 2-1094106 / 3-1094107