Festival OFF D'Avignon

Since 1966, a more spontaneous space for artistic creation has developed around the Festival d’Avignon, initiated by André Benedetto.
A worthy successor of the spirit of 1968, the ‘OFF’, as named by the France soir journalist Jacqueline Cartier in 1969, has gradually extended throughout the town of Avignon now established in a hundred or so venues.
Originally perceived as alternative, the Festival OFF d'Avignon now has a firm foothold in the national cultural landscape. Today it is one of the largest festivals for independent companies in the world in terms of the wealth and diversity of its cultural offerings. 
The Festival OFF d’Avignon brought together 1092 companies and 1416 shows in 2016, from 7th to 30th July. in 2018, it will bring 4667 artists and 1538 shows, in 133 venues from 6th to 29th july 2018.
Passionate about all kinds of performing arts, the OFF audience is multi-faceted and plentiful, as well as constantly changing.

Avignon Festival & Compagnies

Since 2006, in order for companies, the public and venues to be respected, artists and the theatres who accommodate them have decided to take the initiative for the organisation and the philosophy of the Festival OFF d’Avignon.
Together, they have created a community space, the AVIGNON FESTIVAL & COMPAGNIES (AF&C) association.
A joint and collegial association, comprising companies and theatres, its board of directors comprises 24 members: 18 elected members, from the Association of Companies and the Association of Theatres; 6 co-opted members, from the Association of Personalities. Led by an office of 7 members, the AF&C is currently chaired by Pierre Beffeyte.
The objective of the AF&C is to gather, promote and support artistic creation and to enhance its regional standing, in connection with Avignon and its Festival OFF.
AF&C also attempts to answer the big issues that concern all professionals in this field today: art’s place in our society, the artist’s place in our cultural system, their relationship with audiences.

Missions and tools

Throughout the year, Avignon Festival & Compagnies has several missions:
•    To relay information received from organisations and cultural institutions
•    To ensure the communication and coordination of the OFF through concerted action with all those involved (companies, venues, the public, partners, institutions, etc.)
•    To promote the artistic dimension and the professionalisation of performing arts
These public service missions aim to highlight, to promote the artistic wealth uncovered at the Festival OFF d’Avignon and to gain new audiences

The avignonleoff.com website is an essential link between all the OFF ‘participants’ (companies, the public, theatres, performing arts professionals, institutions). 
It is also an essential tool for festival audiences who can find all the practical information they need about the event:
•    The comprehensive festival programme is online from the month of May. 
•    The "ticket'OFF" service allows internet users (public and professional) to purchase tickets for the OFF shows online. The "agenda-shows" module of ticket’OFF enables chosen shows and events to be identified and saved in a summary document.
•    The classified section facilitates the recruitment of the numerous employees required by companies during the festival (managers, cashiers, etc.), and provides access to accommodation possibilities and various ads (loan of equipment, transport, carpools, etc.).
AF&C has established a means of general communication for the OFF, mainly through a printed and digital programme (on the website and the iPhone and Android app). But also through national communication campaigns, TV partnerships, radio and print media.
The OFF programme is a tool widely used by festival attendees whether before, during or after the festival. Classified alphabetically by venue, it has themed indexes (authors, type of audience, type of show, etc.).
The programme for the next Festival OFF will be on the Programme page from May.

The direct relationship between the companies and the public makes the Festival OFF unique. AF&C cultivates and strengthens this relationship by providing communal social areas for the public, companies, theatres and cultural organisations.
There, during the festival, AF&C sets up in different venues to welcome the public and professionals, distribute programmes, sell public season tickets (for €16 with a 30% reduction on all OFF shows), propose forums and debates, etc. 
Find all the welcome areas and their opening times on the OFF Welcome points page.

Opening parade, discussions, debates, gatherings, workshops, live evenings and closing ball.
AF&C organises several social occasions throughout the festival to ensure communication between those participating in the event.
A big parade and a closing ball to which festival attendees are invited will therefore mark the opening and closing of the OFF.
Round tables, meetings, discussions, debates and live evening events are arranged throughout the festival in the OFF Village (find out + about the Village).

Collège des compagnies et producteurs
Scène et Public

Collège des théâtres
Théâtre des Carmes

Collège des compagnies et producteurs
Compagnie Libre d'Esprit

Collège des théâtres
Maison du Théâtre pour Enfants

Collège des théâtres
Théâtre Le Pandora

Collège des compagnies et producteurs
Compagnie Umbral

Collège des théâtres
Théâtres des Lucioles

Avignon Festival & Compagnies
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