Carmen Flamenco


At 9:10 pm

Running time: 1h10
at 9:10 pm: from July 5 to 28 - No performance: July 8, 15, 22


+33 (0)9 87 78 05 58

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  • Full price22 €
  • Child (under 10s)10 €

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10 rue du Vieux Sextier
84000 - AVIGNON - Venue map

Hall name: Salle des Colonnes
Seating Capacity: 190

  • Access to disabled
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bleachers
  • Armchairs

Show resume

After a brilliant tour, this adapt for seven performers of Bizet's and Merimee's famous opera, mixing lyrical singing, theater and flamenco dancing, keeps on conquering the heart of an enthousiastic audience.
How to bring out the Duende that fills the best known Bohemian caracter in literature and opera ? By making meet two powerful vocal arts, lyrics and cante jondo, illustrated by the bewitching figures of the bailaores. Singing, guitar, piano and dance sublimated by the syncopated rhythms of flamenco music, lead Don Jose and Carmen to their tragical destiny. The spoken part of Don Jose alternates with the most famous arias performed by our Carmen, Magali Palies, for the lyrics and by Luis de la Carasca for the Flamenco singing.

"a wonderfully told and danced drama" SUD-OUEST

"an amazing performance.....wonderful" LE DAUPHINÉ

"a daring bet but beautifully won" LA PROVENCE

"a succesful mix....a spectacular show that conquered the audience" LA VOIX DE L'AIN

"a very high quality show.....don't miss it !" SPECTATIF

"exceptional artists ablazing the audience embodying blood ,death and passion in an amazing finale" FROGGY'S DELIGHT

"a cocktail of talents and a sublime repertory … astaounding total experience" LES ARTS ET LES MOTS

"this Flamenco Carmen doesn't lack in brain tries and quality" LA DÉPÊCHE

Artists / Staff

  • Metteur en scène : Jean-Luc Paliès
  • Interprète(s) : Luis de la Carrasca, Magali Paliès, Benjamin Penamaria, José Luis Dominguez, Jerôme Boudin-Clauzel, Ana Pérez, Kuky Santiago
  • Technicien son : A. Dalmasso
  • Création lumières : JM Dutriaux
  • Prod-com : B. Valero / C. Gonzalez
  • Diff : Scène&Cies 0683856095

Cie Flamenco Vivo-Luis de la Carrasca
Coproduction: Cie Influenscènes

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